Offshore construction technology

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Offshore construction technology

Construction of offshore barrier structures is an extremely complex and costly affair. The peculiarities of such construction in the open water area usually demand for the use of heavy gravity structures of massive concrete blocks made directly at the site.

Our solutions:

The amount of work and construction time can be significantly reduced if the barrier structures are made from relatively small prefabricated elements manufactured at well-equipped specialized production facilities.

The technical feasibility and economic efficiency of the proposed structure are stipulated first of all by a fundamentally new approach to the underwater part of the structure.

The structure can also be used as a berth in the protected water area. Prefabricated structural elements are easily unified, which has a positive effect on their manufacture and construction organization. The competitiveness of the barrier structure and the construction company using it increases significantly, including in the international market of services, with a large volume of construction works. Such increase is determined by multiple use of inventory equipment, creation and improvement of high-performance technologies for the production of unified prefabricated structural elements, and more.

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