Changes to seaport boundaries

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Changes to seaport boundaries

We render consulting services on the inclusion of berthing facilities and terminals into the boundaries of a seaport.

The aim of making changes to the boundaries of a seaport is the inclusion of a land and water area into the seaport boundaries (Art. 5 of the Federal Law of 8 November 2007 No. 261-FZ "On Seaports in the Russian Federation").

Making changes to seaport boundaries leads to:

  • cargo documents, such as bill of lading and export papers, are duly prepared;
  • a checkpoint (seasonal or permanent) can be set over time;
  • a construction permit can be obtained in Rosmorrechflot (if project design documents are approved after the examination).

Stages of changing seaport boundaries:

1) Preparation of documents and their approval by the Seaport Administration:

  • submitting a set of documents, including land plot plan, skeleton maps, feasibility study, etc.;
  • coordination of documents with the Seaport Administration;
  • coordination with Rosreestr, Rosvodresursy, Naval Headquarters and the administration of a corresponding krai/oblast, i.e. constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

2) Submission of a set of documents by the Seaport Administration to Rosmorrechflot, coordination and verification of the documents by Rosmorrechflot.

3) Preparation of a draft decree of the RF Government and its submission by Rosmorrechflot to the Ministry of Transport of Russia:

  • preparation of the draft decree, explanatory note, feasibility study;
  • submission of the draft decree to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and its approval;
  • submission of the draft decree by the Ministry of Transport of Russia to the Government of the Russian Federation.

The result of all the above work is:
  • a decree by the RF Government on making changes to the boundaries of a seaport;
  • amending the boundaries of a seaport (including land and water area).

Our services:

Our specialists participated in the preparation of documents for changing the boundaries of the following seaports: St. Petersburg (The Great Port of St. Petersburg, Primorsk), Taganrog, Tuapse, Murmansk, Vladivostok (Vladivostok, Olga, Posiet, Zarubino), Vanino, Sovetskaya Gavan, Chukotka, Sakhalin, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and other ports in the Arctic and other basins.

Our specialists are ready to help you with all the documents necessary for the approval of changes in seaport boundaries.

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