Feasibility and legal research for investment projects

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Feasibility and legal research for investment projects

At NORDENG, we do the following types of feasibility research:

  • concept design;
  • preparation of hard-to-reach information about an object of interest to the client (port, field) that is beyond the client’s reach (the Arctic Circle, the Far North, a country with a politically charged environment–Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, etc.);
  • preparation of a brief project description outlining the key indicators (summary);
  • market research;
  • pre-feasibility study;
  • feasibility study;
  • business plans (for explanation of investment projects to banks, including investment banks).

You can find a typical business plan structure here.

In addition, we provide legal advice in the field of design and construction. You can get a preliminary legal assessment by giving us a call or submitting a request through the form on this website.

Some of our legal advice services:

Design of hydro power plants
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Technical research
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