Construction and technical forensics

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Construction and technical forensics

We provide construction and technical forensic examination of design estimates.

"Forensic expert examination is a procedural action involving the conduct of research and the giving of conclusions by an expert on issues whose resolution requires special knowledge in science, technology, art or craft, and which are put before the expert by the court, judge, body of inquiry, person conducting the inquiry, or investigator (or prosecutor), in order to establish the circumstances to be proven in a particular case"–Federal Law No. 73 of 31 May 2001 "On the State Forensic Activity in the Russian Federation".

Forensic examination of a project design is an examination of individual sections or in full of design estimates for compliance with certain parameters.

In most cases, the following questions are posed in court to the experts conducting this type of examination:

  • Does the submitted project design comply with the current technical standards in construction (including SNiP, GOST, TU) as well as technical and urban planning regulations and other standards?
  • What is the cost of design work performed based on the fixed price established by the contract?
  • What is the market (non-contractual) value of the work performed?
  • Is the input data issued by the customer accurate and sufficient to start and complete the work?
  • What is the cost of elimination of defects in the project design?
  • Other issues requiring special knowledge in the field of project design and estimating, as well as engineering and technical standards in general.

Forensic examination of project design is one of the most complex and time-consuming types of expert reviews, requiring a high degree of professional training.

Our specialists are qualified to act as experts establishing the amount and cost of the performed work, the accuracy of terms of reference, the sufficiency of initial data for performance of work, etc.

Our company is a member of the National Chamber of Forensics–the Association of forensic experts.

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